Counseling Services with Kent R. Brand, MSW, LCSW, ACSW, PIP

Multiple Counseling Services

In addition to being specialized in Christian marriage counseling, Kent R. Brand also provides various other counseling services including: mental health, substance abuse, child therapy, and student counseling. As a counselor for close to 40 years, he understands that seeking out counseling is a courageous choice and a positive step towards resolving any life issues to embark on a happier and brighter future.

Counseling Services

In-Office & Online

Over the years, Kent has not only seen people at his office in Florence, AL, but has also provided online counseling services when needed. He has seen how online counseling can help those in locations too far from his office or those that have hit a hectic time in their lives. While he would love to see all of his patients in office, Kent knows that life happens and you have to roll with it in this most positive way you can.

Skype Info

Local & Worldwide

Through online counseling, Kent now not only sees people in his backyard, but all over the globe. People come to Kent from nearby local areas: Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia, AL; to locations further out: Madison, Athens, Huntsville, and Birmingham, AL; and also from out of state: Corinth and Iuka, MS; Lawrenceburg and Savannah, TN; and Atlanta, GA. It's not even uncommon for individuals and couples in other countries to seek out his counseling services.

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