Counseling with Kent R. Brand, MSW, LCSW, ACSW, PIP

Specialized Counseling Services

When you visit A Family Matter, you will be given specialized counseling that meets your unique needs. Whether you are a couple, individual, family, child, or student, Kent understands what a courageous step it is to seek out the help of a counselor, and he makes it his mission to ensure you are met with the tools to help you overcome whatever difficulties life has thrown your way. 

Counseling Services

Experienced Therapist

Kent has been a counselor for over 40 years, and although his primary focus is marriage counseling, he has become well known for helping all who need positive solutions to difficult problems. This has led him to work with those dealing with substance abuse, families seeking help to adopt a child, and stressed out college students that need coping mechanisms. He has a strong belief that even though the situation may appear hopeless with a little work great things can happen once more. 

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Praised Counselor

There is no better way to measure how successful a counselor is than to look to their clients. Over the years, many of Kent's past clients have reached out to say how much they appreciated his thoughtful and caring demeanor. They also discuss how helpful his tools and methods were for helping them overcome their troubles. To start developing the skills you need to fight back against hardships, contact Kent today. 


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