Child Counseling

No stone should be left unturned when seeking to provide lasting happiness for a child. Kent Brand at A Family Matter is a child counselor and helps provide solutions for children suffering from lack of focus, anger issues, depressions, and other behavioral and emotional problems. He knows that each child has their own success story, and he has developed the tools to help them achieve it.

Anger Issues

During Kent's experience as a child therapist, he has found that often a child with anger issues has experienced some type of traumatic event. With the right tools, he can help parents and the child to discover the root of the problem. Defiance, disobedience, and other behavior problems are also very fixable when applying the right tools.

ADHD and Lack of Focus

Sometimes when a child seems as if they might be overactive or even have ADHD, it might simply be a lack of focus. Sometimes when a child is bored, their ability to focus on what is at hand can be tedious and they can begin to struggle. Turning to medication should be a last resort, and Kent can help you find a better and longer lasting solution.

Instead of putting the focus on a child's weaknesses, Kent looks to their strengths. He believes by pinpointing what engages a young mind, he can get them to target their attention and maybe begin to build a dream.


When their parents get divorced, it can make a lasting impact on a child's psyche, and those between the ages of 6 and 12 tend to be the most affected. Kent has been witness to the devastation that children of divorce experience, and the ways they act out as a response. He works with them to remove the confusion they are feeling so that they are once again able to function.


A depressed child is something to take very seriously. Kent has had great success treating children with depression through the Nurtured Heart Approach and Capture the Dream Therapy. He has found that when a child finds purpose in the world they are less likely to fall prey to suffering.

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