Marriage Counseling

When couples ignore problems and forgo communication, an imbalance occurs which often creates misery between spouses and can cause them to contemplate divorce. Research indicates that most couples struggle for years in unhappy marriages before seeking help from a marriage counselor. However, neither living in an unhappy marriage nor filing for divorce is the only option for solving marital unhappiness. Instead, couples can choose to take positive action.

Kent Brand has helped countless couples heal through marriage counseling over the past 40 years. He believes that no marriage is hopeless and has helped couples with even the most serious problems — such as infidelity, complete lack of communication, fighting, and living completely separate lives — come back from despair. As the primary specialty at A Family Matter, Kent has helped numerous spouses find hope and passion in their marriage once again.

Common Factors of Divorced Couples

While you might not necessarily be contemplating divorce, there are some statistical factors that make a couple more likely to end a marriage. You can use this list to closely examine your relationship and determine if outside help might be useful to keep the two of you working on your marriage. As a marriage counselor, Kent will provide you with the tools to keep your marriage grounded, ensure your expectations of one another are realistic, promote communication and healthy conflict resolution, and maintain sexual compatibility.

  • Married at an early age.
  • One or both did not graduate from high school.
  • In a low-income bracket.
  • Inter-faith relationship.
  • Children of divorce.
  • Often critical of each other.
  • High level of defensiveness in the relationship.
  • Constant need to withdraw from each other.
  • Feelings of contempt or anger.
  • Poor communication.
  • Past or present infidelity, addiction, or abuse.

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