Imago Marriage Therapy

Imago marriage counseling is an effective way to create stronger marriages because it helps couples become more aware of the way that we are all deeply interconnected. It offers insights into the unconscious agenda that couples unknowingling bring into their marriage.

Through Imago marriage therapy information can be discovered, and couples can being to cooperate with their once hidden agendas. As a result they can learn to grow together in a creative, non-controllng, and healing way the creates understanding and connection.

While couples present with a diversity of problems, underneath them all is a rupture in their connection that mirrors the rupture they experienced in childhood with their caretakers. When a marriage therapist helps couples restore connection in their relationship, they simultaniously heal the memory of the childhood rupture by developing new patterns in their brain. Imago marriage counseling seeks to introduce a therapeutic game-plan that sustainably heals connectional rupture.

Oprah states that her introduction to Imago Relationship Therapy was one of her most "unforgettable" moments on her show: "My big light bulb moment on relationships came the first time I talked to marriage therapist, Harville Hendrex. He introduced me to his Imago Marriage Theory. In essence, he says, 'It's not a coincidence that you've attracted your marriage partner; that person is there to help you to do the work of recovering from old wounds...' That show changed me. I saw relationships not solely as the kind of romantic pursuit our society celebrates but as a spiritual partnership that's meant to change how you see yourself and the world."

My first introduction to Imago Marriage Therapy was by a therapist, who shared how Imago radically changed her own marriage from being dull, stale, and boring to feeling a new excitement and adventure of love each day. Imago Marriage Therapy is a practical, remarkable, healing road map to intimacy and friendship in marriage. Since its inception in 1988, Imago Marriage Therapy has helped thousands of couples attain a more loving, supportive, and deeply satisfying marriage.

My personal experience with Imago Marriage Therapy is that it is incredibly powerful in changing marriages when all other therapies have failed. It is particularly dynamic when there has been an affair, or there are deep-seated tragedies from childhood. The effectiveness of Imago Marriage Therapy is very exciting to me. Couples overflow with gratitude in receiving back their marriages from the dead.

Posted in Marriage on Jan 26, 2016

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