11 Reasons I Love Marriage Counseling


1. I love my wife. My wife and I have been supremely happy in our marriage for 47 years. We are madly in love. Our marriage is a "best friend" and deeply passionate marriage. Our trust is in God, who designed marriage to be happy.

2. I love marriage. Since I have been blessed with an amazing marriage, I love sharing my secrets with other marriages that might be struggling. The wisdom of 47 years of marriage cannot help but overflow during a marriage counseling session. I believe it is so important to have awesome mentors for every area of our lives. Great mentoring leads to great success.

3. I love learning from world-class marriage counselors. What a find Michele Weiner Davis was! Her mentoring gave me the confidence to save almost any marriage that comes to me. Harville Hendrix's strategies to build or re-build a solid marriage through exercises makes the power of good habits come alive in marriage. These two dynamic counselors give marriage counseling the opportunity for incredible positive changes through consistent marriage counseling over a period of time.

4. I love doing a small part in turning around the divorce rate. The cycle of divorce is rampant. I love creating a new cycle of positive marriages.

5. I love success. Marriage counseling would be no fun if marriages got worse and there was no positive success rate. Becoming a team with a couple and building great success in marriage is a dream come true for me, and a good 80% to 90% of the troubled marriages that come to me turn around and do better than ever! Without marriage counseling, marriages in trouble only have a 30% chance of surviving (and some of these still are not happy). Helping marriages to succeed is deeply satisfying for me.

6. I love people. When couples are deeply hurting and the tears are flowing, my heart reaches out with compassion. I want to help.

7. I love celebrating marriage victories with couples. When I see marriage go from extreme pain to amazing happiness, we celebrate! Celebration makes life meaningful.

8. I love God's plan for marriage. God created marriage to be full of sacrificial love, super encouragement, beautiful sex, intimate passion, excellent communication, healing touches, romantic dates, great praise, fun surprises, wonderful validation, and healthy habits.

9. I love children. Research says that the best thing you can do for your children is have a great marriage. And besides, if you get a divorce, the kids don't get a vote.

10. I love teaching new skills. My mother was an excellent school teacher. I try to follow her footsteps as I teach couples how to have a great marriage through high goals, great communication skills, understanding marriage, and learning how to re-romance the marriage.

11. I love helping marriages of all nationalities and mixes of nationalities. Caucasian, African American, Latin American, Asian, Middle Eastern, and others, I love doing a small part of making the world a better place for everyone. Peace in the world starts with peace in the marriage.

Posted in Marriage on Aug 22, 2016

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