Top 5 Reasons Couples Seek Out Marriage Counseling

While every marriage is unique, they all seem to face the same challenges over time. When these issues are ignored, it can make resentment and bitterness grow between the couple. If your marriage is currently headed down this road, a marriage counselor is the perfect way to bridge the divide between you and your spouse.

As a marriage counselor for close to 40 years, I have had couples visit me for a plethora of reasons. So rest assured that whatever is causing the divide is something I've seen before. Here are the five most common reasons I've discovered people tend to seek out marriage counseling:

1. One or Both Spouses Are Having or Have Had an Affair

Although it might seem like the point of no return, many couples have found a way to forgive and move forward with the aid of counseling.

2. Arguing Has Become the Norm

When communication breaks down, many couples find it difficult to get it back. This leads to excessive arguing, and it is also not uncommon for depression, insecurities, and withdrawal to occur as a result. Counseling will help you learn how to speak with each other in positive and healhty tones.

3. A Total Lack of Communication

Couples with different schedules seldom see each other. This is like two ships passing in the night. Sometimes past bitterness or secret activities lead to the silent treatment. Counseling gets the interaction going in new and refreshing ways

4. Living as Roommates

After years of marriage, raising kids, and busy work schedules, it can become all too easy to lose that loving feeling. All relationships have to learn how to foster romantic and emotional connections in order to make their marriage successful.

5. Drifting Apart

Relationships that run on auto pilot tend to lose intimacy as each spouse drifts into their own lane. This can often lead to boredom in the marriage or even affairs. Learning how to make time for one another and working on it can help to keep the spark alive.

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Posted in Marriage on Feb 12, 2018

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