We are living in a time when we all feel the fear, pain, and confusion of the coronavirus. Here are some positive steps that we can do to move forward:

  1. You can use Skype or phone appointments instead of office appointments. I am now offering this as a special service.
  2. Protect your immune system by learning how to practice joy, happiness, laughter and good thoughts in spite of the fearful situation.
  3. A bad marriage increases depression by tenfold. Learning how to have a great marriage can reduce stress and protect your immune system.
  4. Use common sense: drinking lots of water, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, abundant hand washing, daily meditation and prayer all help protect the immune system.
  5. Stay away from sugar. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Zinc, vitamin C and other herbal supplements can increase your immunity.
  6. A great positive attitude can be a self-fulfilling prophecy for staying well.
  7. Celebrate what you have to be thankful for. "Gratefulness can normalize our body's natural stress and anti-inflammatory hormones. Grateful people sleep better and awake feeling more refreshed. Thankfulness also leads to a stronger immune function. This increased immune function decreases our episodes of illness and leads to a quicker recovery from illness."
  8. Elbows instead of hand shakes or hugs, hand santizer, and washing door knobs are also recommended. Make it into a fun game.

Blessings and health,

Kent R. Brand, MSW, LCSW, PIP Psychotherapist

Posted in Mental Health on Mar 16, 2020

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