Depression & Happiness: A Poem

depression and mental health counseling florence al

A poem sent in by a client.


Despair grows to cloud the mind.
Enjoyment in life impossible to find.
Pressure just too much to bear.
Reaching a point where you don't care.
Evil thoughts guide the way Suicide begs "let it be today."
Satan is thrilled you stooped so low.
In that moment before the final blow.
Out of the darkness shines a light.
No death today, Jesus is making things right!


Having known emptiness and sadness.
A day of joy helps shed the madness.
Prepare each day for the quest.
Prayer and obedience as per His request.
In His image we are at our best.
Next time the clouds begin to roll.
Evade the darkness with its toll.
Stay positive in spirit and mind.
Satisfaction is there for us to find.

*Image via Watari at Unsplash

Posted in Mental Health on May 17, 2018

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