Drug & Alcohol Education Classes

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If you have lost your drivers license, job, or privilege to drive a transportation truck due to the use of drugs and/or alcohol, this can be a devastating blow to your livelihood. The steps to recovery can be ardous, but they are possible. Not all of them inlcude getting sober, but also showing you are once again responsible. For instance, to show that you no longer have a problem with these substances, many companies or authorities will require the completion of Drug and Alcohol Education Classes in order to have driving or other privileges reinstated.

I offer these classes and give a letter of completion at the close of the classes. Most require six hours of education, but some can require more or less.

I offer speed of completion as opposed to waiting long periods of time to find a class. Many classes require weeks to complete, but usually, I am able to provide the time to let you complete them within a one week.

I also offer a very positive approach as opposed to the very negative approach used in some classes. This includes starting with an assessement of your drug and alcohol use and social history. This will provide clues on how I can best indiviudalize your specific Drug and Alcohol Education Class. After the root of the problem is discovered, we will move on to finding positive solutions to treat it permanently.

Most people are very pleasantly surprised with how effective and even inspiring these classes are. The most important issue is for you to return to work, and I want to help you reach this goal. Contact me today about setting up a Drug and Alcohol Education Class.

Posted in Drug & Alcohol on Sep 19, 2016

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