Finding the Roots of Addiction

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Many times, addiction is the symptom of deeper roots. Finding this cause is often the first step for effectively addressing the reliance on drugs, alcohol, or other harmful habits. Once the cause is known, solutions can be put in place to help the individual overcome their pain and struggles and help them lose the need for the substance in addition to fighting the chemical dependency.

Usually, someone's addiction is caused by one or more of the following roots:

  • Childhood Tragedies
  • Adult Tragedies
  • Biochemical Issues
  • Stress Related to Current Personal or Social Circumstances
  • Unresolved Events from the Past
  • Beliefs That Are Inconsistent With Reality
  • Marriage Challenges
  • Heredity

Counseling is often an effective solution for tracing the roots of addiction and helping the individual move forward with their life. However, even with a successful counselor by their side, this can be a life-long struggle as these behaviors are often the result of hardwired behaviors due to tragic events or upbringings or genetic disposition. That being said, when a person makes real efforts to get to the core of their addiction recovery can often be permanent.

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Posted in Counseling, Drug & Alcohol on Jul 02, 2018

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