Are Lasting Relationships Possible Anymore?

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Many today have never seen an extraordinarily awesome marriage: not in their childhood, not in their own relationships, and not even in Hollywood. Ironically, with over 1,500 relationship-matching websites, it has also never been easier to fall in love. Unfortunately, it’s also never been easier for couples to walk away from a marriage or relationship. So, is it even possible for two people to be happy together forever?

As a marriage counselor who has personally been happily married for 48 years, I would have to say, “Yes!” So, what is the foundation for staying in love? In my opinion, the 12 steps below are a good start:

  1. Learning to overcome a dysfunctional past.
  2. Learning how to "step up" security, praise, admiration, unselfish love, and encouragement for one another.
  3. Learning how to be a detective, and getting to know your spouse better.
  4. Learning how to keep your spouse's emotional bank account full.
  5. Learning how to be agreeable and cooperative with your spouse.
  6. Learning how to resolve conflict and avoid harsh "start-ups."
  7. Learning how to put your spouse first. Be intentional. Have a conscious not an unconscious marriage.
  8. Learning how to solve solvable problems.
  9. Learning how to support your spouse's dream.
  10. Find a ritual on connection.
  11. Build the foundation of your marriage on God.
  12. Learning 10,000 ways to say "I love you." Don't get in a rut. Light his/her fire! Be creative! Use the power of pretend!

If you’d like help learning any of these methods for building a stronger marriage, schedule a relationship counseling appointment for you or you and your spouse, today.


Posted in Marriage, Relationships on Jan 22, 2018

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