Marriage Counseling for Struggling Marriages

Are you really struggling in your marriage? Has something died in your heart? Do you feel like throwing in the towel? Are you "burned out"? Tired of insults? Feel like you are losing ground? Facing difficult times in your marriage? Very sad? Deeply afraid? Fed up with the lies? Hard pressed on every side? Perplexed beyond words? In prison to your marital problems?

I can almost hear you crying. Your hurt is important to me.

My hat is off to you for reading this page when you feel such deep distress. Don't despair. You are not defeated. There is a winning marriage formula.

I am asking you to have the courage to call out for hope and help. Just believe a little bit that there is healing for your marriage. Don't shut out the blessing. There is a safe place for your marriage to heal. Call me at 256-766-5707, and I will give you some preliminary steps to help you get started on the road to marital happiness.

What is the difference between marriage counseling and no marriage counseling? Find couples who have done it both ways and ask them.

Posted in Marriage, Counseling on Dec 07, 2015

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