Taking Your Child to a Counselor

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Adults are not the only ones who stand to benefit from therapy. Taking your child to see a counselor can aid them in a number of areas: from helping deal with family stress to learning to handle their emotions. There are so many children who are continuously stressed out from school (homework, tests, bullies, and peer pressure), after school activities, and family life and have no understanding of how to discuss their feelings. Counseling is a way for them to unburden themselves with all of these and more issues and develop coping mechanisms moving forward.

Does Your Child Need Therapy?

When a serious life event occurs in a child's life it can create stress that they are unsure how to deal with. This can lead to problems with behavior, mood, appetite, school, sleep, and social functioning. Common events known to trigger these types of problems in children include divorce or a big move, the death of a family member or close friend, abuse or trauma, or an illness in the family.

Behavioral & Emotional Issues

There are also cases where you may not be sure what triggered the changes in your child. If your child becomes withdrawn, sulky, tearful, continuously worried, and/or acts out at school (constantly in trouble), they might have developed a behavioral or emotional issue.

Behavioral problems can causes children to become disruptive, explosive, and maybe even dangerous. These problems can arise from a number of issues including anxiety, trauma, or an undiagnosed learning problem. Counseling can help the child build tools to calm their out of control behavior.

Emotional issues appear more as a sad, irritable, or anxious child, so much so that the mood interferes with their daily life. Emotional issues, such as anxiety, should be treated as early as possible to prevent the problem from causing harmful repercussions in the future. For example, a constantly fearful child may grow into an adult who shies away from people because of the anxiety they develop from just thinking about it.

Developmental Issues

It is also a good idea to speak with a child counselor if your young child is showing delays in developmental milestones such as talking, walking, and potty training. If these or other signs of autism or developmental disorders seem to be arising, it is important to have your child see someone as early as possible. The earlier treatment begins for children with developmental disorders the more likely they will be able to function in society as they age.


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