5 Qualities Every Effective Psychotherapist Should Possess

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While prescription medications are necessary for some of life's problems, it is no question than we live in an increasingly medicated country for issues that could be solved by other means. Psychotherapy, for instance, is not only less expensive, but it is an effective form of treatment for moderate to mild depression, anxiety, and several other mental health issues.

When you are searching for a psychotherapist to help you heal or manage your mental disorder in the most effective way possible, there are certain qualities they should possess.

1. Listens to & Focuses on the Client

To be truly effective, a counselor must be able to really listen to their client. This listening should be expressed not only with their ears, but alos their eyes, body language, validation, and empathy. You should feel that your therapist has a true interest in what you are saying and communicates with you rather than talking at you.

2. Offers Hope & Optimism

When trying to overcome any difficult life situations, hope can be a terrific motivator. Therapists are an excellent mix of realism and hope to give you a realistic approach to dealing with your problems while believing that you can change for the better.

3. Uses Common Language

It is difficult to follow your counselor's treatment recommendations if they consistently use big psychological terms. This intimidation might also cause you to schedule fewer counseling appointments. If your counselor is not able have a normal conversation with you, they will not be able to help you overcome your problems.

4. Stays Updated on Psychological Research

Any therapist acting in accordance with American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines, will be updated on the most current clinical psychology developments. They will alter their treatment as new knowledge is confirmed and will share this information with you to see if might be a better alternative to solving your problem.

5. Offers a Free Consultation

Even if a counselor is good at what they do, it does not mean they will be the right fit for every patient that walks through their door. When searching for a new therapist to help get to the root of your issues, ask if they offer a free consultation to discover if they will be the right match for your specific needs.


Posted in Counseling on Nov 13, 2016

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