How Christian Counseling Could Benefit You


I am a Christian counselor attempting to imitate the wonderful counselor, Jesus Christ. He is the model of wisdom, teaching, and decisions of integrity. My mentor is Jesus. There is no possible way that I have all the answers for the problems that come to me as a counselor. So I "inquire of the Lord" for direction. He always leads me in the right direction and gives me incredible solutions to very difficult problems.

If you prefer to not have Christian counseling, I respect that decision and will not "push" Christianity on you. However, if you mention that you want Christian counseling, this statement opens incredible opportunities for personal spiritual growth and dynamic answers to problems.

Many ministers have told me that they prefer to refer families that need counseling to me. If they try to counsel the family, it often creates difficult dynamics. Also, many ministers confess that they are not adequately trained to handle many counseling problems. It is interesting that I often see ministers who come to me for help with their personal problems.

Research shows that a counselor who "meditates daily" is more in touch with his or her clients. If a counselor does not meditate daily, the client reports a very low degree of satisfaction with the counseling. If a counselor does meditate daily, the client reports a very high degree of satisfaction.

If you are willing to search for God and deeper spirituality, I am willing to share amazing verses from the Bible that will come alive in your heart. I am also willing to teach you how to pray so that your prayers will be answered.

The great similarity between Christianity and counseling is that both put you on the path of expecting success and great things.

I invite your questions and your teamwork in counseling. Remember, God is a God of outstanding miracles.

Posted in Counseling on Aug 08, 2016

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