17 Reasons Why Counseling Is Worth the Drive


Years ago, I drove a loved one a long distance for regular counseling therapy. I found that an hour-and-a-half drive is nothing compared to getting the help you need when it is needed.

Here are some of the reasons, people have stated in the past, for being their motivation for driving a long distance to see me:

  1. "No cost is too great to save my marriage."
  2. "I am desperate to find quality counseling services for my child."
  3. "I am an attorney, and I want total confidentiality."
  4. "I want a Christian marriage counselor that I can trust."
  5. "There are not any qualified resources in my area.
  6. "My physician referred me to you."
  7. "My attorney referred me to you."
  8. "I drive from Atlanta, GA, because I need career counseling."
  9. "My child is in the University and needs your counsel."
  10. "Another counselor referred me to you."
  11. "We want a Christian counselor."
  12. "My minister referred me to you."
  13. "I found you online, and your reviews sounded great."
  14. "I did not find a drug and alcohol resource I trusted, so I searched and found your unique approach to drug and alcohol problems."
  15. "A financial advisor referred me to you."
  16. "I am a counselor, and I need a counselor for me."
  17. "A Christian friend referred me to you."

Among these people, many have driven in from various areas in Alabama (examples: Athens, Birmingham, Gadsden, Fort Payne, Hamilton, Russellville, Lexington) as well as from out of state, including Savannah and Lawrenceburg, TN, and Corinth and Iuka, MS. Some will even choose to mix in their visits with Skype appointments at times when they are too busy to make the drive.

When considering whether or not you or your family could benefit from counseling, just remember your health and well being is always worth it - no matter the distance.

Posted in Counseling, Family on Sep 12, 2016

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